The three of us have been fighting fires together on the same engine crew for almost twenty years.  Over the past two decades our friendship has grown along with our families.  We are always together, be it at the firehouse, on the sidelines of our kids’ sporting events, or on someone’s deck enjoying time with family and friends.  

In early 2018 we were knocked for a loop when Steve was diagnosed with ALS.  The decision to fight this disease as a team was obvious.  In firefighting we go in together as one and we come out together as one every time.  This fight will be no different!

We formed Firefighters Fighting ALS to raise funds to help firefighters with ALS defray the substantial costs of treatment, assistive technology, and home modifications so they can continue to live comfortably in their own homes.  It is Steve’s vision that the organization will outlive his fight and continue to help other firefighters.   

– Mark & Mike 
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